The Finnish Immigration Service's new Enter Finland service

The Finnish Immigration Service's new Enter Finland service

The renewal of the Finnish Immigration Service's e-services is complete. The new electronic service is called Enter Finland. Any applications pending in the old electronic service have been automatically transferred to the new service.

Go to the new service at:

Enter Finland is clearer and easier to use

Enter Finland has been developed in collaboration with our customers to make it as clear and easy to use as possible.

When you choose the type of application you wish to submit, the service will guide you forward step by step, informing you of the stage of completion and the information still missing from your application.

Why send your application electronically?

The processing fees for electronic applications are lower than those for paper applications. Once you have sent your application, you can follow its progress through your Enter Finland account. If further clarifications are required for your application, these will be requested through the e-service.

Electronic applications are faster to process, so you will get your decision more quickly. You will receive a notification when the decision has been made and will be able to view it online.

Remember to visit an embassy or a consulate

Once you have submitted your application in the Enter Finland service, go to an embassy or a consulate of your choice to prove your identity and to show the original document attachments included in your application. Check the embassy's web site whether you have to make an appointment for this.

If you are applying for a residence permit, remember to take along a passport photo. If you do not go and prove your identity, your application will be rejected, meaning that you will not get your permit. The processing fee will not be refunded.

Technical problems with the service? Contact

The customer services of the Finnish Immigration Service or the embassies cannot assist in technical problems regarding e-services.

If you have general questions about applications, please first read the  frequently asked questions on the Finnish Immigration Service's web site or call our customer service.

Give us feedback on the new service

Because the service is completely new, it will be continuously developed in cooperation with customers. Please let us know if you find a problem with the service or if you have an idea how the service could be made better. You can email us at

A series of articles will illustrate the changes to the e-services

The following articles published by the Finnish Immigration Service explain how the service was renewed and who took part in creating it.