Finland delivered a protest to the Yugoslav Government

The Yugoslav Ambassador in Finland, Mr Dusan Crnogorcevic, was summoned to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on 19 May to receive a protest by the Finnish Government against the crackdown by Yugoslavia on independent media and representatives of opposition and civil organisations:

Finland condemns the crackdown on the Studio B television on 17 May in Belgrade as well as the obstruction of the activities of Radio B2-92, Radio Index and the BLIC newspaper.

The actions by the Serbian authorities against opposition parties, media and civil organisations demonstrate the lack of deference by the political leaders of Serbia for the aspirations of the people towards a democratic government.

Finland considers free media an essential element of a democratic society. The Serbian Government must allow the media function freely. The actions by the Serbian authorities constitute a threat to the internal stability and are in contrast with the fact that the Serbian Government has indicated its willingness to speedily resume cooperation with the international community.