Missile Technology Control Regime Plenary in Helsinki on 9 - 13 October

The Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) Plenary meeting will be held in Helsinki from 9 to 13 October 2000. Approximately 200 diplomats and technical experts will take part in the conference.

The MTCR is a cooperation forum of the key countries manufacturing missile technology. It was founded in 1987 among the G7 countries in order to restrict and slow down the spread of medium-range missiles and related technology capable of carrying weapons of mass destruction. The arrangement is the only international forum which is aimed at restricting the spread of missiles and other related systems.

The MTRC export control is based on national decisions taken by the
exporting countries as well as on mutual cooperation and exchange of
information between the member states. The control regime will not interfere with civil aerospace programmes. Finland joined the arrangement in 1991. Currently, there are 32 member countries (all EU member states, Argentine, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Iceland, Japan, Canada, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, New Zealand, Russia and the United States).

The Helsinki Plenary will focus on actions to improve the efficiency of MTCR export control. Further measures to promote missile non-proliferation will also be discussed.

For more information contact: Mr Pekka Ojanen, Deputy Director General, tel: +358-9-1341 5006, and Ms Heidi Schroderus-Fox, Counsellor, tel: +358-9-1341 5582.