Chinese Premier met Finnish delegations

Finnish delegations led by Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Minister of Transport and Communications, and Kalevi Hemilä, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, were received by Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji on Friday. The delegations participate in information technology and forestry symposiums in Beijing, featuring Finland as a green land of hi tech and design in connection with the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Finland and China.

Premier Zhu said he was very pleased with cooperation with the Finns in these and other sectors.

Chinese Information and Industry Minister Wu Jichuan and Deputy Education Minister Wei Yu, who addressed the Information Society Symposium, emphasised, among others, the importance of introducing the possibilities of the information society to as many people as possible.

Finnish information technology know-how was demonstrated by examples in various sectors, such as banking and stock exchange, national television and radio broadcasting, customs and wireless internet. The Environment and Forests Symposium gathered leading scholars from both countries.

More information: Yrjö Länsipuro, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Beijing, tel: 040-7544448