Final report on the work of the European Union Forensic Expert Team in Kosovo 1999-2000

The final report of the EU Forensic Expert Team active in Kosovo 1999-2000 was presented at the Union´s Western Balkans Working Group meeting on 21 June in Brussels by Dr Helena Ranta. The final report covers the work of the Expert Team in Kosovo, including the six sites of alleged atrocities originally agreed upon with the Yugoslav authorities in 1998, namely: Glodjane, Gornje Obrinje, Golubovac, Klecka, Orahovac, and Volujak. Moreover, the Expert Team was also tasked with the investigation of the forty human bodies found 15 January by OSCE observers in the village of Racak.

The International Criminal Tribunal of Yugoslavia (ICTY) at the Hague has also been informed of the findings of the EU Forensic Expert Team.