The uses of development cooperation funds

When a decision is made to fund a programme or project, the information is published on this website. The website covers funding decisions since 2012.

Kehitysyhteistyön rahoituskohteet. Haiti. Kuva: UN Photo/Logan AbassiStudents took part in a tree-planting campaign in Haiti in 2011. Photo:  UN Photo/Logan Abassi 

When a funding decision has been made, the practical implementation of the project or programme is launched. Projects have a certain duration, and they may be part of a more wide-ranging programme. A programme may include a number of projects that promote its objectives. Information on the funded projects or programmes remains on the website for one year after the financing has ended.

The following information is given: description of the project or programme, target country, objectives, sector, type of aid, website address, special target group, and the funding decision date and amount. Not all data are available for every project or programme, but an e-mail address for obtaining additional information is given.

Below you will find the most recent programmes and projects funded. Use the menu on the left to browse programmes and projects by target country, target region, objectives, sector, type of aid, or special target group.

The publication of project and programme data enhances the transparency of Finland’s development cooperation administration.

The instructions for the reader provide more information on the classification of the data.