Minister Soini's press statement in Moldova

Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini's press statement in Chisinau, Moldova on 14th June 2018.

We have had fruitful discussions today. Our bilateral relations are very good. We have regular exchanges at various levels.

Finland is strongly committed to supporting Moldova's democratic development and closer cooperation with the EU. The Association Agreement is our key instrument.


We have seconded Finnish customs and border experts to the EUBAM (The EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine) since 2007. Finland has also supported for many years Moldovan civil society. Focus areas of our support are human rights and independent media.


Finland is supporting Moldova's public administration reforms. We have had very successful Twinning projects together with Moldovan partners, earlier in external audit and currently in the field of prevention and investigation of criminal acts of corruption. We look forward to continue this good cooperation with Moldova also in new projects.


The EU and Finland are committed to supporting Moldova in the necessary reforms, especially as they are for the benefit of the Moldovan people. Visa freedom was an important achievement. Implementation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) and the resulting improvement of standards will increase trade opportunities.


We recognized the work done by the Moldovan Government on the reform agenda. We agree that it is necessary to firmly continue on the reform path and tackle all the challenges. The adopted legislation needs to be transformed into concrete actions. Once implemented, the reforms will also bring stability and predictability, and contribute to resilience.


I also welcomed the recent and encouraging progress achieved in several practical issues in the Transnistrian settlement process. Implementation of these concrete confidence building measures in Transnistria will hopefully lead also to further progress soon.

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