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INT/UN Partnership to Promote the Rights of Persons With Disabilities UNPRPD


It is estimated that more than a billion people - about 15 % of the world's population - live with some form of disability. They experience higher rates of poverty, less legal protection, lower educational achievements, poorer health outcomes and less policitical and cultural participation, among others, particularly in lower income countries. Year 2011 six UN-Agencies (ILO, OHCHR, UNDESA, UNDP, UNICEF and WHO) joined hands in the UN Partnership to Promote the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD). It operates through a Multi-Partner Trust Fund, managed by the UNDP. The collaborative effort of the Partnership brings together the UN system, governments, Disabled Persons Organizations and the broader civil society to advance disability rights around the world. The goal of the UNPRPD is to develop the capacities of national stakeholders, particularly governments and organizations of persons with disabilities, for the effective implementation of the CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities), including through promoting disability-inclusive internationally agreed development goals. UNPRPD focuses on the following enabling factors: enabling legislation and policy frameworks, empowering cultural norms, capable and inclusive institutions, access to services and justice, application of accessibility standards to products, environments and processes, access to rehabilitation and habilitation including assistive technologies, and adequate data and evidence on disabled persons. Finland joined the UNPRPD right from the start and is currently one of the donor members of its Policy Board. Finland has channeled 594 570 euros to the MPTF during 2013 so far (13.3.2013). For further information on UNPRPD, see

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Funding decision  04.12.2013

1 405 430 €

Field of activity

  • Human rights 70%
  • Social/ welfare services 15%
  • Multisector aid for basic social services 15%

Special target group

  • people with disability

Funding channel

YK:n kehitysohjelma



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