Ammattivalmennus vähäosaisille Kenyassa
Kehitysyhteistyön rahoituskohteet , 22.08.2013

Ammattivalmennus vähäosaisille Kenyassa


This project aims at the creation of employment among the young micro-entrepreneurs of the informal economy and the development of a training programme for the unemployed underprivileged youth in technical and entrepreneurial skills in Nairobi. The programme will enhance the participants' entrepreneurial skills and help them to start and consolidate their business. More specifically, the action aims at: 1. Reinforcing the technical and managerial skills of the small and micro-entrepreneurs operating in the informal economy; 2. Establishing the Department of Small Businesses of the Eastlands College of Technology so as to have appropriate means to conduct the training;3. Designing a modular system of technical training so as to make it suitable for the informal sector actors;4. Designing hands-on tools for teaching business (case study) and teaching technical skills in accordance with the needs of the informal sector5. Increasing the income and improve the socioeconomic outlooks of the small and micro-entrepreneurs; The particular results expected from the launching of the action are:- Implementation of modular and flexible technical and professional training;- Design of pedagogical instruments in cooperation with the micro-enterprises (SMEs) and other actors of the formal and informal economies, such as “case study”, hands-on practice, dedicated business mentoring. It will benefit the poor, young and adult workers, either already working or about to enter the labour market. The beneficiaries live Nairobi suburbs or smaller towns: therefore, the action targets suburban and urban populations, including population of the rural exodus.The Informal Sector Business Institute (ISBI) has been operating in Nairobi for the last 9 years prepared and offered modular professional and management training sessions and individual follow-up (in the field) to micro-entrepreneurs of the informal economy. This institute will form a department of the Eastlands College of Technology (ECT).


  • 2013: 34 500 €
  • 2014: 34 500 €




  • Ammatillinen koulutus 70%
  • Liike-elämän tukipalvelut ja instituutiot 30%

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