Women's Network: Empowering Women in Local Councils
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Women's Network: Empowering Women in Local Councils


Capitalizing on Constitutional Article no. 180, granting women 25% of the Local Councils' seats, and believing in the important role women can play in the development of their communities, the proposed project aims at empowering women both as elections candidates and members in the upcoming local councils. Through its two-stage strategy and to insure the sustainability of its impact, the project will provide direct technical support for young female activists running for the Local Councils' elections as well as women elected as local councils members later on. Through its activities, the project will introduce a participatory decision-making process to the local councils mechanism in 6 targeted governorates namely Qalioubia, Sharkia, Kafr El Sheikh, Assuit, Sohag, Benui Seuf. This participatory nature of decision-making will be guaranteed through a dialogue launched and reinforced between local councils’ members and local development NGOs in these 6 governorates. To insure this, the project will rely on an online platform, as an unconventional and creative communication tool. The project is a partnership project between the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights (ECWR), Gender and Legal Expert House (GELEH), and the National Council for Women (NCW) serving 6 Egyptian governorates through providing technical capacity trainings and online and offline raising awareness events. The project will also capitalize on its online platform to reach out a minimum of one million active citizens raising their awareness about the role of Local Councils in contributing to the development of their local communities.



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