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Etnisen konfliktin välitystyö Burmassa - Arakan osavaltiossa


The Muslim Rohingyas of Burma’s western Arakan State must count as one of the most deprived, abused and repressed peoples in the world. Denied citizenship, they are officially stateless – without home and without rights.The crisis facing the Rohingyas is both a human rights imperative and a humanitarian disaster but the long-term solution lies not in advocacy or aid (although both are essential) but in a political settlement. PACTA is proposing a conflict resolution approach. Undertaken in parallel and in synergy with existing human rights and humanitarian efforts, PACTA will focus on addressing the underlying problem of the tension between Rohingya and Rakhine situated within and connected to the official dialogue and negotiations’ processes. The long-term goal of the program is to support, stimulate and nurture a just and inclusive agreement on the political, cultural, religious and social status of Arakan within the Burmese State. Specific objectives include: • Promote dialogue, reconciliation and peaceful co-existence between Rohingya and Rakhine leading to a unified negotiating position; • Provide technical support and training for representatives from both groups; • Deliver expert assistance to international and national efforts to address Burma’s ethnic conflicts through a national peace process; Key activities include: • Trust and relationship-building – initially with key representatives of both Rohingyas and Rakhine; • Exchanges – organising exchange visits to illustrate how divided communities have managed to resolve their differences; • Shuttle diplomacy – identifying common ground between the two groups as a basis for dialogue; • Dialogues – organising and facilitating dialogues between the two groups; • Technical assistance - working closely in support of Finnish-led efforts to promote a national peace process by sharing our experiences from work elsewhere and by offering our expertise on the technical, legal and procedural requirements for successful processes. The primary beneficiaries are the Rohingyas. Denied citizenship, and the rights which come with it, the Rohingyas are effectively stateless. If a settlement can be found, they will once again enjoy the same individual and collective freedoms and opportunities as laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Beneficiaries will also include the Rakhine and the Burmese Government and military.


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