Kehitysvammaisten tuottava työpaja- Pilotti innovatiiviselle ja kestävälle prosessille inklusiivisen koulutuksen tueksi
Kehitysyhteistyön rahoituskohteet , 20.08.2013

Kehitysvammaisten tuottava työpaja- Pilotti innovatiiviselle ja kestävälle prosessille inklusiivisen koulutuksen tueksi


The Project aims to strengthen, in particular, educational opportunities for mentally handicapped children in the area of the Mathare Slum in Kenya, Nairobi. The main purpose is to improve the living standards of young people with special needs living in urban slums and to reduce their vulnerability to various crimes, violation of human rights and chance attitude. The Project aims to raise the Mathare Special Training Centre’s ability to function innovatively and effectively in teaching and training vulnerable children with special educational needs in an inclusive surrounding with the ultimate purpose of helping them become self-reliant and full members of the local society.The Project objectives are coherent with the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations – to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger and to achieve universal primary education – as well as with numerous international objectives and conventions.The goals of the Project are also themes of the Finnish development policy – promotion of the rights of groups that are easily excluded, particularly children with disabilities, indigenous people and ethnic minorities, and the promotion of equal opportunities for participation.The primary objectives for the Project is to 1) Enhance a safe and inclusive learning and vocational training environment for vulnerable children - in particular those with special learning needs2) Increase the availability of basic and secondary needs for children with special needs and their families, by equipping them with basic vocational and livelihood skills 3) Make available for children with special learning needs basic entrepreneurial skills and -support aimed at making them long-term self-reliant4) To ascertain that the project will be sustainable both environmentally and financially as planned for5) Increase awareness of the needs of children with special learning needs and reduced stigma among the public and policy decision makers in KenyaSecondary objects of the project:1) To construct a sheltered workshop and exhibition show room, and subsequently give vocational skills and create employment or entrepreneurial skills for trainees with special learning needs. 2) To equip the various vocational training workshops with relevant modern equipment to enhance training3) To provide exit packages annually for the graduates to make them self-reliant through initiation of small scale businesses.See other secondary objects 1.4


  • 2013: 196 099 €
  • 2014: 290 356 €
  • 2015: 182 702 €



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  • Elämän perustaitojen opetus nuorisolle ja aikuisille 35%
  • Sosiaaliturva ja -palvelut 35%
  • Ihmisoikeudet 30%

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