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Kattilamatka Kameruniin – Naisten oikeus ruokaturvaan ja omiin tuloihin


"AIM The aim is to inform the audience (45 000 members of the Martha Organization and the greater regional audiences via mass media) on the similarities and particularities of the struggle towards well-being in our society’s history and an African women’s association’s work, taking the case of home economics extension education as an example that can effectively raise the quality of life in families and promote women’s rights to employment. ACTIVITIES AND TIMING The activities that will be carried out during the 2 year period are the following: 1. The national Martha Association in cooperation with ACESF-CA Cameroon, and film production company produces 3 x 5 to 10 minute short films on Cameroonian women’s everyday life (themes e.g.: work day in market place, participation in training, “Cameroonian cooking show” in local home) and promote these among Martha members and other regional audiences. 2. The national Martha Association in consultations with the Uusimaa District Association, ACESF-CA Cameroon and Cameroonian residents in Finland produces course material for a 3 hour Cameroonian cooking course, combining information on women’s life and food culture with practical cooking lessons. 3. The national Martha Association organizes a one day training for interested Martta members from all districts (altogether 16 districts all over the country), combining theory and cooking lessons in practice, so that they can disseminate the information to their own districts. One to two members will be invited from each district. 4. At least 5 Martha Districts organize cooking courses, 3 to 4 courses per district, with 5 to 10 participants in each. 5. This will lead to having 100 to 200 local experts that can carry the same kind of evenings in their local associations. 6. The National Martha Association in cooperation with regional districts and ACESF-CA Cameroon will organize a tour of mini-seminars in 5 districts (e.g. Helsinki, Lahti, Tampere, Kokkola, Joensuu. "


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