Ulkoministeri Soinin puheenvuoro lehdistötilaisuudessa Ruotsin ulkoministerin kanssa

Ulkoministeri Timo Soinin puheenvuoro lehdistötilaisuudessa Ruotsin ulkoministeri Margot Wallströmin kanssa Hanasaaressa 29.1.2019.

  • Kära Margot, först och främst vill jag än en gång framföra mina varmaste gratulationer till dig och uttrycka min glädje över att du fortsätter som Sveriges utrikesminister.  
  • Det gläder mig att du så fort hade tillfälle att flyga över till Helsingfors och att vi så snart har kunnat fortsätta vårt mycket nära och goda samarbete. Finland och Sverige har sannerligen en mycket unik relation vi gärna värnar om.
  • This seminar - HAnalys – which has joined us all together here today to exchange views on Europe and its challenges and opportunities, is the second seminar Finland and Sweden are organizing together after Margot and I launched this idea a few years ago. We created this forum in order to deepen our dialogue in foreign and security policy.
  • Today we have also bilaterally discussed on how we can enhance our practical cooperation. We have agreed that enhancing security and dialogue in the Baltic Sea region remains high on our common agenda. As this year marks the 25th year of Finnish and Swedish partnership with NATO we have agreed to highlight our cooperation in the Baltic Sea at this occasion with several actions.
  • Africa is our close neighbourhood: We have discussed ways to increase joint peace and mediation efforts.
  • Arctic States are rich and have a special responsibility to strengthen EU’s role in the Arctic and to encourage its further inputs to research and investments in the North. Sweden has promised to give us its valuable support.