Ulkoministeri Soinin puheenvuoro lehdistötilaisuudessa Kolumbian ulkoministerin kanssa

Ulkoministeri Timo Soinin puheenvuoro lehdistötilaisuudessa Kolumbia ulkoministeri Carlos Holmes Trujillon kanssa Säätytalolla, 5.3.2019.

  • Thank you Carlos for coming to Finland. It is an honor to cohost this first ever International Symposium on Youth Participation in Peace Processes with you.
  • We just participated to the opening session of this symposium and now approximately hundred specialists, mediators, researchers and opinion-makers will spend these two days sharing their experiences of mediation, strengthening their networks and considering new ways of fostering young people's participation in peace processes.
  • Mediation has been one of my priorities as Foreign Minister. We have learned that inclusion is necessary. If we want to build peaceful and stable societies, we need to hear all voices, this means women, different ethnic and religious groups – as well as young people.
  • We also just had a fruitful bilateral meeting with Carlos. Our countries share very good relations. Finland opened an embassy in Bogota in 2017. I am sure our cooperation results in mutually beneficial commercial opportunities. There is a great potential to increase our trade cooperation.
  • We also value a great deal of strengthening our cooperation in multilateral issues.  We both are strong supporters of a rules-based international order.
  • Venezuela is of course important topic in this area. It was good to hear my colleague’s views about the situation there. Finland supports Venezuela in its constitutional process towards free and credible democratic elections.
  • We appreciate Colombia’s hospitality and solidarity in the face of migration from Venezuela. The humanitarian needs in the area are well known.
  • Today we also talked about Colombian peace process, which was a historical success. Finland supports all efforts for durable peace in Colombia.