Ulkoministeri Haaviston puhe Khartoumissa

Ministeri Haaviston puhe EU:n edustajana Khartoumissa, Sudanissa 17.8.2019.

Signing ceremony of transitional agreements in Sudan

Statement on behalf of the European Union:

Your Excellencies, ladies and gentleman

Let me first on the behalf of the European Union presidency congratulate the parties of the agreement achieved. I also want to thank the African Union and Ethiopia, and the experienced mediators Professor Lebatt and Ambassador Dirir, for the remarkable role they have played during this process.

I can feel the joy of Sudan today. Throughout the winter and spring we have been looking the TV news, photos, articles about Sudan, and we have been hoping for the best. We have been living the Sudanese revolution and end of the authoritarian regime with You.

This is a historic opportunity. This is not the first transition in Sudan, but today it is the result of long negotiations between all sides. As it is a compromise, it can never satisfy all 100% but it offers the best chance Sudan has had to put the country on the right track, at peace with itself and its neighbours.

The merit comes first to the people of Sudan, in particular the women and the youth of Sudan, who stood firm but peacefully to have their voice heard. Their aspirations should continue to guide all who take responsibility in the governance of the transition.

We welcome signature of the agreement, which we consider is a good foundation for the civilian-led transition ahead.

Transitional institutions and bodies need now to be established and start a process of reconciliation and reform, able to address the aspirations of the population for peace and prosperity, including in the marginalised and conflict areas.

The task of the civilian government is daunting and will obviously require sound political leadership.

But to stand a chance of success, there will also need to be a strong level of unity across the political spectrum. All political parties and actors must now accept and implement the agreement in good faith and as it stands. There is no better comprehensive agreement than the one just signed and no space for spoilers.

Outstanding issues must be discussed in a peaceful manner and through appropriate institutional channels. The EU is keen to see the situation of marginalized areas - like Darfur and Two Areas - addressed as a matter of urgency.

The AU/Ethiopian mediation has played a considerable role in brokering the agreement and we will continue to support its role in the way forward. The EU is also ready to play a role of its own in the implementation and monitoring of the agreement.

Sudan is on its way to free and fair elections after the transitional period. We will support you on this road.

Once more congratulations to the people of Sudan for reaching these important agreements.