Ministeri Soinin puheenvuoro lehdistötilaisuudessa Georgian ulkoministerin kanssa

Ulkoministeri Timo Soinin puheenvuoro lehdistötilaisuudessa Georgian ulkoministeri David Zalkalianin kanssa 12. marraskuuta 2018.

  • First, let me warmly welcome Mr. Zalkaliani on his first visit to Finland. It is an honor to host you here. Our countries have had a good cooperation and we have become closer in the past few years. 
  • I wish to convey my heartfelt congratulations to Georgia, which is celebrating its 100 years of first independence this year.
  • We had an excellent meeting and fruitful discussions. We discussed bilateral relations between Finland and Georgia, the EU-Georgia relations and Eastern Partnership. In the agenda were also the reforms in Georgia, and the protracted conflicts in Georgia.
  • This year sadly marks the tenth anniversary of the Georgian conflicts. I want to express Finland´s unwavering solidarity with Georgia. Georgia and the Georgian people have our full support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of your country.
  • We condemn the recent illegal installation of artificial barriers in Kareli municipality and elsewhere in the Georgian territory. Participation in the EU Monitoring Mission is a long-term commitment to Finland.
  • We discussed the importance of strengthening political and trade relations between Georgia and Finland. I am happy to note that tourism from Finland to Georgia is growing fast. I am also positive that the free trade agreement with the EU will generate more investment and trade.
  • I see a lot of potential for further cooperation in education and clean tech, for instance. We also share a common interest in countering hybrid threats.
  • Georgia has made good progress in its internal reforms.