Ministeri Soinin puheenvuoro CTBT-ministeritapaamisessa

Ulkoministeri Timo Soinin puheenvuoro ministeritapaamisessa, jonka Friends of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) järjesti YK:n yleiskokouksen yhteydessä 27. syyskuuta 2018.

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Chairpersons, Excellences, Friends,

Our common goal is a world free of nuclear weapons. I strongly believe that we will reach that goal step-by-step, by increasing mutual trust and building confidence. The entry into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty is one concrete step on that path.

The Treaty has almost universal support. Most recently, Tuvalu and Thailand have joined it. (Congratulations!) Yet its entry into force is pending, for more than two decades.

All states but one, the DPRK, have voluntarily committed to a nuclear weapon test moratorium. While noting this important commitment, it is clear that a voluntary moratorium cannot substitute for a Treaty with legally binding obligations.

I urge all States that have not yet ratified the Treaty to do so. I address my words in particular to the DPRK, who, by signing and ratifying the Treaty, would increase the global community’s confidence in its stated commitment to non-testing. By the same token, I urge the other remaining Annex-2 States, namely China, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan and the United States of America, to ratify the Treaty.

I would also like to commend the Executive Secretary, Dr Zerbo, and the Technical Secretariat for their dedicated work. Finland is proud to host one of the primary seismic stations, and is committed to supporting the CTBTO’s work also in the future.

Thank you.