Ministeri Soinin puhe ISILin vastaisen koalition ministerikokouksessa

Ulkoministeri Timo Soinin puhe ISILin vastaisen koalition ministerikokouksessa Washingtonissa, 6. helmikuuta 2019.

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Secretary Pompeo,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies, Gentlemen,

The Coalition's military success against ISIS has been remarkable. I command also the Government of Iraq for its resolve to root out ISIS from Iraqi territory.

However, a lot remains to be done. We have to ensure that the military gains are sustained and the insurgency of ISIS or growth of other terrorist groups is prevented. The key is to create conditions where there is no room for radicalization or recruitment for ISIS or other terrorist groups. We need to pursue good governance, democracy, equality, as well as future prospects for youth and children. Women's full participation in peacebuilding and reconstruction is essential. More efforts need to be put on inclusion - people need to have a sense of belonging to the society, otherwise, they might start looking for dangerous alternatives. This is a challenge for all of us.

The success of the Coalition underlines the multinational and global nature of the fight against ISIS and terrorism altogether. The same can be also said concerning Afghanistan.

Finland is highly committed to this joint endeavor. We contribute to four operations, including EU and NATO missions. We will also continue to provide financial support for stabilization and reconstruction in Iraq as well as to support humanitarian and demining efforts in Iraq and Syria. We are enhancing our bilateral relations with Iraq and will reopen our Embassy in Baghdad this year.

Thank you.