Results based management in Finland's development cooperation

This general guidance in English aims to support results based management (RBM) in Finland's development cooperation. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has placed attention to the strengthening of RBM practices in its administration of development cooperation particularly starting from 2013. The improvement of the effectiveness and productivity of development cooperation is one of the key development policy goals of the Government of Finland.

This general guidance outlines the central concepts, principles and objectives of RBM in Finland's development cooperation. It also presents important RBM tools related to the practical implementation of development cooperation: results matrixes and risk management of projects.

The general guidance is a brief and compact introduction to RBM in development cooperation. In the course of 2015, the content of the guidance will be integrated into Finland's development cooperation manuals, such as the bilateral project management manual.

Results Based Management (RBM) in Finland’s Development Cooperation (PDF, 24 pages, 1,063 MB)