Action Plan for the Finnish Water Way – International Water Strategy of Finland 2023

The Finnish Water Way – International Water Strategy of Finland (2018-2030) is a joint guiding strategy of five ministries (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health) that stakeholders can also make use of in their activities. The strategy is built on three pillars (I Water for Sustainable Development, II Water for People and III Water for Peace) and their cross-cutting objectives.

The implementation of the strategy is guided by an Action Plan updated annually under the leadership of the national interministerial working group on Finland’s international activities on water. The Action Plan describes the implementation of the strategy in the light of the prevailing circumstances and defines new concrete priority actions related to influencing and financing for the coming year, with not everything done every year. The International Water Strategy of Finland is implemented in cooperation between the signatory ministries and stakeholders. The implementation is coordinated and directed by the joint Special Envoy for Water of the ministries in the Political Department of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the ministries. In particular, the Action Plan describes the work done by the public administration to promote the strategy.