Ex-post evaluation: Binh Duong Solid Waste Treatment Plant Projects

The evaluation is a part of a series of evaluations conducted on projects implemented with the terminated Concessional Credit instrument. These evaluations support the programming, development, and management of the Public Sector Investment Facility (PIF) instrument.

The objective of the project was to improve solid waste treatment in Vietnam and thereby

to improve the quality of life of the beneficiary population and to contribute to economic development.

The overall objective of the evaluation was to provide an external, independent, and objective assessment of the project phases. Through the evaluation the following was assessed:

1) Whether the project was implemented in an appropriate and efficient way,

2) How well it achieved the targets and goals laid out in the project plan, and

3) How sustainable the results of the project are, including any long-term development impacts.

The evaluation concluded that both phases of the project were relevant and in line with the needs of local people and Finnish development policy. While relevant, both both project phases would have benefited of more systematic analysis of changing scope and context during the prolonged process from planning till implementation.

The project was effectively and efficiently implemented largely due to strong and committed project owner and Finnish main contractors that were familiar with the implemented technologies. The evaluation also concluded that the project succeeded in producing positive social and health impacts through improved waste management, and employment and business creation leading to positive economic impacts. However, the environmental impacts were not fully estimated.

In the planning of future projects, the evaluation recommended to ensure that  project plans include proper RBM tools such as targets at different levels and measurable indicators. The evaluation also recommended to clarify the roles and responsibilities of different units in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to support the planning and follow-up. The selection process should include considerations of likelihood of further business and for promotion of specific technologies that can be demonstrated through the project.

Evaluation report

Ex-Post Evaluation of Concessional Credit Scheme Project: Binh Duong Solid Waste Treatment Plant Projects (pdf, 111 pages, 4.3 MB)

Annex 6: Field Review of Technologies (pdf, 81 pages, 4.3 MB)