Guideline Concerning Humanitarian Assistance and the Use of Funding Granted by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Guideline concerning humanitarian funding granted by the ministry for foreign affairs of finland

The objective of this guideline is to direct the use of funds granted for humanitarian aid out of the development cooperation appropriations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and to establish the principles, criteria and procedures to be observed in the process. It gives a clear picture of the way in which Finland implements the Good Humanitarian Donorship Principles (GHD) of 2003, adopted by the OECD-DAC and the EU.

The guideline is applied to the funding granted to the provision of humanitarian aid by the UN agencies, the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, and Finnish organisations (NGOs). The administrative procedures may differ depending on which of the organisations is in question. In addition, the principles1 governing humanitarian mine action are briefly presented in the guideline, even though they do not apply to it in other respects.