Evaluation: The WASH in Schools Programme in Afganistan (2008-2014)

The WASH in Schools (WinS) Programme in Afganistan from 2012 aims to make visible the value and impact of school sanitation as perceived by the community and thereby raise the level of ownerships; promote the importance of WASH in schools at national, state and district levels as well as to improve hygiene practices among school children, their families and communities. UNICEF wished to conduct an evaluation of the WASH in Schools (WinS) programme, whose findings and recommendations are intended to (1) guide UNICEF, the GoA and other stakeholders to improve the WinS programme, and (2) contribute to evidence-based policy making in the field of WASH and maximize the impact of the programme.

Evaluation of WASH in Schools -programme in Afganistan (PDF, 4 MB, 247 pages)