Foreign Minister Soini's school visits continue

Foreign Minister Soini's school visits continue

The tour of Finnish schools which Foreign Minister Soini began in autumn 2017 will continue this spring in Kitee, Oulu ja Muhos. Minister Soini will visit the general upper secondary school in Kitee on Friday 22 March, and the general upper secondary school in Muhos and a teaching practice school in Oulu on Monday 25 March.

The theme of this tour is the significance of foreign and security policy in the prevention of violent radicalisation. Violent radicalisation is a growing threat factor in the world, including in Finland. It is prevented by exercising an active human rights policy and by strengthening the position of women and girls, as well as through mediation and crisis management, for example. International cooperation is important in all these areas.

“Resorting to violence is always the wrong way. Anger is a destructive force. Like any other global security threat, violent radicalisation requires cooperation. Countries cannot solve these questions alone,” said Minister Timo Soini.

Foreign Minister Soini started his visits to Finnish schools in November 2017 and has toured both in the Helsinki region and in the regions. The aim of the school visits has been to meet young people and to discuss their participation and opportunities of influence in society.

“It remains such as valid theme. My message is clear; defending human dignity against radicalisation. Discussion and students’ questions form an important part of the visits. Having a debate with students is very rewarding, they both listen to me and challenge me.”

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