Tuomas Tähti appointed as Special Adviser to Minister Tavio

Tuomas Tähti has been appointed as the second Special Adviser to Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Ville Tavio. He serves as the Minister’s Special Adviser in development policy.

Tuomas Tähti

Tähti transferred to the post of Special Adviser from Parliament where he served as Assistant to Member of Parliament Ville Tavio from 2015 to 2023. Tähti graduated from the University of Turku in 2013 as Master of Science in Technology.

Minister Tavio’s Special Adviser in trade policy is Janna Rantanen.

Reetta Härönoja and Mikko Autti will continue as Diplomatic Advisers to the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development. Diplomatic advisers are officials of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


  • Tuomas Tähti, tel. +358 50 4713 093
  • The email addresses of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs are in the format firstname.lastname@gov.fi.