This is FINLAND Magazine 2022–2023: Towards a more sustainable and humane future

This is FINLAND Magazine 2022–2023, providing insights into Finland’s strengths and competence, has now been published in English. This year’s issue has a strong focus on the future. The key topics – digitalisation, curbing climate change, happiness, a good daily life, changes in the workplace and trust – are of great interest both in Finland and worldwide.

Linda Sällström and Tim Sparv
Linda Sällström and Tim Sparv

“The magazine aims to provide a window into Finnish society and our way of doing things, as well as to open discussion with other countries about themes important to us. We’ve wanted to raise topics that are of interest in the here and now, with a focus on themes to which Finland has a lot to contribute,” says Laura Kamras, Director of the Unit for Public Diplomacy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

“It’s extremely satisfying to have internationally recognised Finns, such as the stars of our national football teams Linda Sällström and Tim Sparv, tell their story to us.”

The importance of human skills in the future workplace

Perttu Pölönen, a futurist, innovator and author of international acclaim, talks about the changes that digitalisation and its progress are expected to bring about in the future workplace.

“To counterbalance technological development, humane approaches and people skills will be in ever greater need,” says Pölönen.

In the editorial, cognitive neuroscientist Katri Saarikivi emphasises the role of empathy and emotional intelligence.

Jennifer de Paola, a columnist and happiness researcher, also highlights softer values. Her research indicates that Finns are able to enjoy the little things in their daily lives. This, combined with a well-functioning society and a high level of trust, have secured Finland the top spot in the UN World Happiness Report for four years running.

Changes are already visible in people’s lifestyles and attitudes to everyday life. A good daily life, leisure time and wellbeing have taken on ever greater significance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the pandemic has caused interruptions in hobbies, especially those of adults, Finland still offers excellent opportunities for self-development throughout life. This is a topic also addressed in the magazine.

Finnish companies at the forefront of sustainable innovation

The magazine also showcases Finnish climate solutions to the international audience, highlighting the globally pioneering low-carbon road maps of Finnish industry. Companies play a key role in Finland’s ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. Road maps serve as guidelines for setting goals and adopting the required measures.

“Finnish companies are global leaders in sustainable innovation,” says Helena Soimakallio, Executive Director of Sustainable Development at Technology Industries of Finland.

“We have a market for sustainable solutions, and the customers and financing are there. Finnish companies have a lot to offer in this field.”

Soimakallio lists digitalisation and energy efficiency as examples of Finland’s strengths.

“The concept of carbon handprint, developed in Finland, is attracting a great deal of international attention.”  

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The magazine, geared at international readers, is part of the This is FINLAND country image toolbox that consistently and through multiple channels offers inspiring perspectives on Finnish expertise, business environment, innovations and lifestyle as part of Finland’s country image work. The magazine is available globally through the editorial board’s distribution channels and will also be published in German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian in early 2022. This is FINLAND Magazine is published by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Business Finland and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Otavamedia BtoB is responsible for producing the magazine. 


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