Nordic countries' joint commitment to support Ukraine's security

In their joint statement of 12 July 2023, the Nordic countries express their readiness to support Ukraine and its security in the long term, building on the security commitments made to Ukraine by the G7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States). 

The Nordic countries welcome the G7 Joint Declaration and intend to ensure their long-term support for Ukraine's needs, including the supply of defence materiel, training of Ukrainian troops and strengthening of Ukraine’s resilience.

The aim of these commitments is to implement the joint statement of the Nordic–Ukrainian Summit issued in May. The Nordic countries commit to broad-based and sustained support for Ukraine's security.

Joint statement on support for Ukraine (pdf)

G7 press release: Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine(Link to another website.)


Minna Laajava, Director of Unit for Security Policy and Crisis Management, tel. +358 295 350 128,