Spain’s recovery package opens possibilities for business cooperation

Spain’s recovery and resilience plan focuses on the green and digital transitions, which are also Finland’s priorities. Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Ville Skinnari, accompanied by a business delegation, will visit Madrid on 20–23 March to promote cooperation between Spain and Finland.

Spain is the fourth largest economy in the European Union, and its economic growth is expected to clearly exceed the EU average this year. In addition, Spain is one of the biggest recipients of the EU recovery package. Most of this funding will be used to promote the green and digital transitions. While these two sectors have been topical for quite some time, they have now gained a critical status due to the changes in the European security situation. It is now increasingly important to have well-functioning digital services and the ability to prevent cyber attacks against them, reducing energy dependence and replacing fossil energy sources with green solutions. The level of ambition in the different kinds of reforms and public investments included in the Spanish recovery plan is impressive, and the success of the plan depends on innovative solutions.

Finnish companies are showing an increasing interest in Spain, and with the exception of the pandemic, trade between our countries has grown steadily. There are currently around 250 Finnish companies established in Spain either through their own subsidiaries or through local partners. 

“There is plenty of growth potential in our countries’ cooperation in the business and innovation sectors. The Finnish companies joining me to Spain are top experts in the green and digital transitions. I believe that our meetings with Spanish decision-makers will speed up business cooperation between our countries,” says Minister Skinnari.

During his visit, Minister Skinnari will meet representatives of the Spanish Government and business life. Topical European matters, too, will be discussed in the political meetings. Minister Skinnari will hold discussions with Minister for the Ecological Transition of Spain Teresa Ribera and Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism María Reyes Maroto, among others. He will also meet Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Ángeles Moreno Bau from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the current security situation in Europe, among other topics. 

Fourteen Finnish companies will accompany Minister Skinnari on his visit to Spain. The companies have expertise in different kinds of digital solutions in the fields of energy optimisation, green building and waste management that use different kinds of technologies, such as artificial intelligence and quantum technology.


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