Passport Unit

KPA-40 Passport Unit

The Unit is responsible for:

Travel documents 

  • guidance and coordination of passport issues at Finnish missions abroad and development of the passport system
  • decisions on service passports, processing of applications for diplomatic passports, and acquisition of visas for duty travel related to the branch of activities of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • approval of foreign travel documents.

Notarial services and elections

  • voting abroad in Finland’s national elections
  • certificates issued for foreign authorities in accordance with the Act on Notary Public
  • guidance and coordination of notarial services at Finnish missions
  • international requests for legal assistance
  • acquisition of a document concerning a person or an address from abroad
  • vessel and population registers and matters relating to military service and citizenship. 

Judicial and legislative affairs associated with the Unit’s responsibilities, including expert and executive assistance and provision of advice.

Customer service

Customer service hours and visiting address, see Contact information

Legalisation of documents


Diplomatic and service passports, visas for duty travel


Tel. 0295 351 080, 0295 351 085

Acquisition of documents and contact details from abroad




Invoice address

OVT: 0037024597392652
Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)

Leena Ritola
Leena Ritola
  • +358 295 351 524
Lea Cecil
Desk Officer
  • +358 295 350 344
Minna-Kaisa Liukko
Legal Officer
  • +358 295 351 053
Aino Möltsi
Consular Services Assistant
  • +358 9 160 552 16
  • +358 295 351 080
Tuula Piirainen
Desk Officer
Requests for Legal Assistance, Intenational Notifications, Requests for Person Document, Address Enquiries
  • +358 295 351 940
Päivi Pukero
Consular Services Assistant
  • +358 295 351 085
Päivi Syrjäsuo
Desk Officer
  • +358 295 351 092
Karita Tammi-Kortelainen
Desk Officer
guidance in notarial services,advance voting abroad
  • +358 295 351 060

E-mail addresses are in the form: Scandinavian characters are replaced by: ä=a, ö=o, å=a.