How to apply for a passport or an identity card abroad

If you are a Finnish citizen residing or travelling abroad and you have lost your passport, you can apply for a new passport or identity card at any mission of Finland that issues passports. Check the website of the Finnish mission in the country in question to make sure they issue passports and identity cards. However, the cheapest way to apply for a passport or an identity card is to do it in Finland.

Where do I apply for a passport or an identity card abroad?


Passports are issued abroad at Finnish embassies, consulates general and consulates.


  • Passports and identity cards are issued abroad at embassies, consulates general and missions led by a career consul, called consulates.
  • If you are a Finnish citizen and urgently need a passport in a country where Finland does not have a diplomatic or consular mission, you can call on the mission of another EU member state to get an Emergency Travel Document for your return home.
  • You cannot submit an application for a passport or an identity card at an honorary consulate, honorary consulate general or special consulate.
  • The missions may issue standard identity cards only, also to minors subject to guardian consent. The special minor’s identity cards issued without guardian consent, identity cards for foreigners or temporary identity cards may not be applied for from the missions.
  • You must apply for an identity card in person at the Finnish mission, just as when applying for a passport. Identity cards do not contain fingerprints.

Can I submit an online application for a passport or an identity card abroad?

You can apply for a passport or an identity card via the online service of the Finnish Police from abroad under certain conditions:

  • You can use a strong electronic identification, which in practice means that you have Finnish online banking identifiers or a Finnish ID card.
  • Your old passport is a biometric passport with fingerprints, issued six years ago at the most.
  • You are able to follow the instructions provided by the police and know how to save your passport photo via the licence services photograph server of the police.  Only photographer’s studios operating in Finland are allowed to save passport photos on the police licence services photograph server.
  • You can collect your passport or ID card from a Matkahuolto collection point yourself or authorise someone to collect it on your behalf.
  • You can complement a passport application that has been initiated online only at police licence service points in Finland, not at a mission of Finland abroad.

Passports or ID cards that have been applied online cannot be sent abroad.

What documents do I need to append to the application for a passport or an identity card?

  • An old passport or an identity card issued by the Police for identification.
  • 1 black-and-white or colour photo, taken within the past 6 months.
  • Men aged 18 to 30: passport for a person liable for military service; civilian serviceman certificate or certificate of call-up. If these are not available, the authority issuing the passport or the identity card verifies the national defence liability from the relevant authorities. If the applicant has not performed military or civilian service, the passport is issued for no longer than until the end of the year when the applicant turns 28.
  • Persons with a permanent residence abroad may be required to present a separate certificate of nationality.

Learn about passport photo requirements on the website of the Police.

Matters to be taken into account when applying for a passport or an identity card

  • The application must be made at the embassy in person.
  • An application can be initiated only if your personal data has been entered in the population information system correctly.
  • Make sure that your details are up to date in the population information system. Finnish citizens can, if they wish, check their registered data in the population information system once a year.  To correct and revise the data, please contact your nearest local register office.
  • If you have lost your old passport or it has been stolen abroad, report the matter to the local police and submit a written clarification of the case at the nearest Finnish embassy, consulate general or consulate (mission lead by a career consul).
  • You have to pay the fee for a passport or an identity card when you submit the application.
  • It takes from a minimum of two weeks to up to several weeks to get an ordinary passport. A fast-track passport can normally be obtained faster, but the time of delivery depends on the country of issuance. Identity cards cannot be obtained fast-track.
  • More information about passport types (in Finnish):  Passport fees abroad

Passport application for a child

  • A child is not entered in the parents' passport.
  • The child must be present in person when a passport for him or her is applied.
  • As a rule, a passport is issued for a minor upon the parents' or guardians' consent.
  • The consent must be obtained from the child's all parents and guardians. The consent may be given in writing, too, if it is sufficiently detailed. A parent or guardian may be asked to be present to identify the child.
  • A passport may be issued without a parent's or guardian's consent only for a special reason; for example, if the consent cannot be obtained because of the parent's or guardian's travel, illness or some other corresponding reason.
  • A passport can be issued to a child also without a parent's or guardian's consent:

Passport Act (section 11)  "If a parent or guardian refuses consent, the passport can nevertheless be issued to a minor, if not issuing it would be clearly contrary to the interests of the child and if it can be considered obvious that the child is only temporarily going to be taken to another state against the consent of the parent or guardian." (unofficial translation)

  • The authority issuing the passport clarifies the interests of the child.

See the Passport Act (in Finnish) in the Finlex Data Bank Passport applications by minors, section 7, and Passports for minors, section 11.

Passport application by persons liable for military service

If you are liable for military service when you are applying for a passport, you must present an account that there are no impediments to its issuance, as referred to in the Passport Act.   If you do not present the account, the person handling the matter at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will ask the information from the Finnish authorities before the passport is issued.

Proof of no impediment can be presented by means of:

  • a military passport
  • a call-up certificate or some other similar decision given to a person exempted from service in peacetime
  • a call-up certificate given to a person exempted from military service entirely
  • a clearance certificate given by a military authority
  • non-military service certificate.

See the Passport Act (in Finnish) in the Finlex Data Bank Passport application by persons liable for military service, section 8.

Should the passport or the identity card be valid longer than until the end of the trip?

In the EU member states, a passport or an identity card is valid until its date of expiry. Identity cards are valid travel documents in certain European countries only.

As for other countries, you should check the passport’s required validity after travel at the mission of the county of destination (usually 3 or 6 months, nearly all Asian and African countries require that passports are valid six months after travel).


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