Development cooperation

Joint Nordic evaluation of contributions to multilateral trust funds


Multilateral contributions constitute an increasing share of development assistance from the Nordic countries, and a significant and increasing share of the multilateral contributions is earmarked and channeled through various multilateral trust funds, in particular within the World Bank and the UN. An overview of Nordic support to trust funds in the World Bank 2004-2022 showed that Sweden had supported 283 trust funds, Norway 254 trust funds, Denmark 179 trust funds, Finland 117 trust funds, and Iceland 27 trust funds. The overview also found that more than 150 trust funds had received support from at least two Nordic countries, while 9 trust funds had been supported by all five Nordic countries The evaluation will assess the Nordic support to multilateral trust funds, including a comparative perspective and will in particular focus on the anticipated and achieved results of this support. In addition, the evaluation will provide recommendations on the use of this instrument in the future. The focus of the evaluation will be both accountability and learning. Evaluation is executed as a joint evaluation. All nordic countries participate in it but Denmark has the lead. Finland/EVA-11 participates as a reference group member and with financial contribution.

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50 000 €

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