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Machine Fitter Training Program – Normet Center of Excellence


During Normet's development project, the development plan includes the introduction of all the most modern and up-to-date methods and systems in both manufacturing and customer service. Such as 3D modeling will be used in staff training than AR and VR technology. Some of the training for production personnel will be carried out together with Ylä-Savo Vocational College (YSAO), which is headquartered in Iisalmi, both remotely and locally. The training provided shall place particular emphasis on safety at work and generally delivered in modern production environments. At the same time, the principles of sustainable operation are emphasized. The basic training of a mechanic includes e.g. safety, lifting work, basic installation techniques, cleanliness of the installation, basics of mechanics, hydraulics and electrical. Further training includes e.g. basic electrical and hydraulic dimensions and simple calculation exercises, reading and understanding diagrams and drawings. In addition, it is done model courses for service technicians and team elder training. The support project will develop new types of training solutions and implementations to support local vocational training. As a result of the development project, the target country will be born new know-how in mechanical engineering as a result of extensive training efforts. The training model implemented in the project is the beginning of a permanent training system that will be widely used in staff learning. Normet's step-by-step training systems encourage staff to continue learning and pursue new, more challenging tasks (eg. initial installer training - further training in hydraulics and electrical installation - senior team training). Experts from outside YSAO are also used to implement the video / VR / AR implementations of the courses developed for training to ensure the quality of the methods and results. The training will use physical teaching and demonstration tools as well as virtual learning platforms. There is a budget to apply for these acquisitions and licenses project funding.

Funding decision

114 088 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Participatory development/Good governance
  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Vocational training 100%

Funding channel

Ylä-Savon koulutuskuntayhtymä



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