Development cooperation

Capacity Building in the Field of Meteorology


The Finnish Meteorological Institute has implemented a meteorological project in Kyrgyz Republic with the National Institute of Kyrgyzhydromet since 2014. The project is implemented as an inter-institutional co-operation. The purpose of the project is to strengthen capacity so that Kyrgyzhydromet is able to produce weather, climatic and environmental information and early warning services for the benefit of the Kyrgyz society. The main achievements of the first phases include the creation of an automatic air quality monitoring station in Bishkek, training of Kyrgyzhydromet staff for the use of equipment purchased by the World Bank and the strengthening of Kyrgyzhydromet's capacity in strategic planning and data management process. In the third phase of the project (2023-2026), the main objective is to improve the capacity of Kyrgyzhydromet to deliver air quality, weather and early warning services and conduct glacier monitoring. The main theme of the project is to contribute to climate change and to strengthen preparing for the climate change. The third phase is also important to ensure the sustainability of results already achieved. The strengthening of Kyrgyzhydromet's staff capacity will continue with extensive training. Glaciers and snow monitoring and research work is included in the third phase. The third -stage goals are: 1. Improved severe weather detection and forecasting capacities and early warning services. 2. Improved capacity to perform Glacier & snow monitoring and -research, especially related to the connections between glacier snow mass balance, air quality and climate change. 3. Improved air quality observation and modelling services. The direct beneficiary of the project is Kyrgyzhydromet and its departments, other beneficiaries are the government and it’s agencies as well as other groups that need early warning, weather and environmental information (farmers, tourism, energy, transport). The budget for the third stage is 1 000 000 euro.

Funding decision

1 000 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Climate change - adaptation
  • Aid to environment
  • Disaster risk reduction

Field of activity

  • Meteorological services 100%

Funding channel

Ilmatieteen laitos



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