Development cooperation

Quick Impact Projects in Lebanon


Quick Impact Projects in Lebanon support the development of local communities in Southern Lebanon and, thereby, enhance the trust between the UNIFIL troops and the local population, which is essential in order to provide a favorable operational environment for the troops. The UNIFIL troops seek ensuring stability in the area. Southern Lebanon continues to suffer from the damages caused by the 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. The overall situation in Lebanon is difficult since the country is in a compounded economic and political crisis, worsened by the pandemic. The country hosts some 1,5 million Syrian refugees, which also has an impact on the overall situation in the country. The QIP projects have allowed enhancing the trust between the troops and the local communities and, at the same time, for instance, for improving access to water and waste management as well as the situation of vulnerable groups. In 2023-24 the focus will be in improving health care and infrastructure. The QIP projects will also support schools and kindergartens. Education and recreational activities will be continued. Projects are identified and implemented by the Finnish UNIFIL troops following the Quick Implementation Project guidance of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Finnish contribution to QIP projects is 100 000 Euros per year for 2023-2024.

Funding decision

200 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Participatory development/Good governance
  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Participation in international peacekeeping operations 100%

Special target group

  • women
  • girls
  • children
  • youth

Funding channel

Suomen julkinen sektori



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