Fida humanitarian operations in 2019
Development cooperation , 14.03.2019

Fida humanitarian operations in 2019


Fida International is implementing operations in DPRK, syria and DR Congo with MFA funding. The operation in DPRK addresses food insecurity by producing about 5 million kilos of potatos for 152 000 people. MFA funding is 300 000 euros. IN syria, Fida is providing safe learning spaces and psychosocial support for primary school aged children. MFA support is 400 000 euros. In DRC, Fida is providing IDPs and returnees and host communities in Tanganyika province with NFIs and psychosocial support. MFA funding is 300 000 euros. MFA support for Fida totals 1 000 000 euros in 2019.

Funding decision  14.03.2019

1 000 000 €

Target region

Developing countries

Field of activity

  • Material relief assistance and services 60%
  • Emergency food assistance 40%

Type of aid

Project-type interventions

Special target group

  • people with disability

Funding channel

Fida International ry



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