Development cooperation ,28.03.2019

KV.RAH.LAIT/WB/ Human Rights and Development Trust Fund


Rising global inequalities, lagging progress in economic and social development, multiple prolonged violent conflicts, and increased forced displacement point to an unprecedented need to strengthen the understanding of human rights in development efforts. The World Bank Group’s (WBG) Human Rights and Development Trust Fund (HRDTF) aims to address these challenges. Its development objective is to increase and strengthen the understanding and application of human rights principles in the WBG’s work. It will achieve this by contributing to human rights principles being incorporated in analytical products and operations receiving HRDTF support; contributing to staff and management understanding and incorporation of human rights principles in development; and contributing to external partnerships that influence analyses and/or operations supported by the HRDTF. The HRDTF funds work though four grant windows focusing on governace, infrastructure, fragility, conflict and violence and emerging themes. The HRDTF also provides a regular opportunity to discuss human rights issues with the World Bank at Vice President level. The HRDTF supports the implementation of Finland’s cross-cutting development objectives, as well as development objectives set in the context of cooperation with the World Bank The Human Rights and Development Trust Fund builds on the experiences of the Nordic Trust Fund, established in 2007. The Administration Agreement is made using the World Bank’s template agreed in 2016. The MFA participated in the negotiation of this new template, which contains elements governing cases of corruption and fraud. The endorsement of the Quality Assurance Group is requested for approval of 1,000,000 euros to the HRDTF in 2019. The funding decision is made from the current year’s budget.

Funding decision  28.03.2019

1 000 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Participatory development/Good governance
  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Human rights 100%

Special target group

  • girls
  • children
  • youth
  • people with disability
  • indigenous peoples / ethnic minorities
  • Gender and sexual minorities

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