Development cooperation

Twelft Replenishment of the International Fund for Agricultural Development; Private Sector Funding Programme PSFP


IFAD is a UN specialized agency, which provides funding for programs and projects that improve food security and nutrition and reduce rural poverty in developing countries. The replenishment of IFAD's resources are negotiated every three years. For the period of twelfth replenishment of IFAD’s resources (IFAD-12), a special programme, was set up to boost private sector investments to the agricultural sector. The objectives of this Private Sector Financing Programme (PSFP) are: (1) Job creation notably for youth; (2) Women’s economic empowerment; and (3) Promoting adaptation and mitigation efforts to achieve greater resilience of small producers and rural poor. These objectives will be achieved by: (1) Increasing poor rural people’s productive capacities; (2) Increasing rural poor people’s benefits from market participation; and (3) Strengthening the environmental sustainability and climate resilience of poor rural people’s economic activities. The end-beneficiaries of the PSFP are expected to be poor, small producers and rural households in developing countries and most of investments will be in poor developing countries. Finland will support IFAD's new Private Sector Funding Programme with 1 million euros, which is part of the overall IFAD-12 replenishment.

Funding decision

1 000 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Aid to environment
  • Climate change - mitigation
  • Climate change - adaptation
  • Gender equality
  • Participatory development/Good governance
  • Disaster risk reduction

Field of activity

  • Agricultural development 50%
  • Rural development 50%

Special target group

  • girls
  • youth
  • people with disability
  • indigenous peoples / ethnic minorities

Funding channel

Kv maatalouden kehittämisrahasto



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