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Business to Government platform, follow-up study on the measures to further develop TF and export support functions


Business to Government (B2G) -platform pilot builds on the government programme's objective to strenghten export and economic growth. The platform brings together six strong Team Finland-components and the know-how and actions of thematic ambassadors. At the same time it becomes an inherent part of TF-actitivities both in Finland and abroad. The pilot is expected to strengthen the cooperation between private companies and national TF-partners in areas, where public and international actors influence the regulatory and market related decision making. Developmental review of the pilot was implemented in 2021. The review studied the pilot phase plan, action plans of thematic ambassadors and experiences of the stakeholders so far. According to the review, the ministry should study the means to more effectively plan and implement measures that support exports and international activities for them to be more systematic, long term, and effective to attain conrete results. The review recommended a further study on the means available for strengthening the cooperation within the ministry, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of actions and making them more focused. The follow-up study to be launched jointly by the Development Evaluation and the Department for International Trade will study how strategic and well planned the promotion of exports and internationalisation is at the moment. Moreover, the study will describe the processes that relate to planning, coordination, implementation and monitoring of results and make respective recommendations. The assignment includes also mapping of expectations of various ministerial entities and stakeholders towards the TF and export promotion and internationalisation services. As a deliverable the assingment will produce a descriptive analysis of the current situation of the TF and Export Promotion and internationalisation services, vision, mission and strategic guidance. The study will also include related leadership arrangements (focus areas, rights and responsibilities). Assignment outputs also include an external view of the necessary actions and resources. EVA proposes to allocate 21 000 euros of the units budget for 2022 for the purposes of the follow-up study.

Funding decision

21 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Trade development

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  • Business Policy and Administration 100%

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