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COVAX AMC: Finland's COVID-19 vaccine donations


Tackling the COVID-19 pandemic will require an unprecedented international vaccination campaign. So far, vaccines have been very unevenly distributed, mainly in the Western countries. Making vaccines available for developing countries is essential, not only for humanitarian reasons, but also from a health and security perspective and for the recovery of the international economy. It is in the interest of Finland that the pandemic is brought under control everywhere. COVAX AMC is a mechanism to support the availability of vaccines in low and middle-income countries. The international vaccine mechanism, COVAX AMC, is key to achieving equal access to vaccines as part of resolving the COVID-19 pandemic and safeguarding the situation in developing countries. EU countries have expressed their common commitment to vaccine solidarity. It is essential that Finland is also able to participate in vaccine solidarity in practice. Finland's participation in donations can be managed with earmarked support to the Gavi Vaccine Alliance for the COVAX AMC, which is tied for the use of vaccines procured by Finland already as part of EU vaccine purchases. In the beginning of the pandemic too many reservations were made while not knowing which vaccines will get marketing authorization. As Finland has already made a commitment to procure the vaccines in any case, the cost impact of the arrangement for the State is neutral or almost neutral.

Funding decision

12 600 000 €

Field of activity

  • Infectious disease control 100%

Funding channel

The Gavi Alliance



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