Development cooperation ,09.03.2021

PIF Ethiopia: Improving meteorological observation infrastructure & forecasting capabilities of the National Meteorological Agency (NMA)


The project will build the capacity of Ethiopia's National Meteorological Agency (NMA ) on early warnings and other climate services, focusing on the western area of Ethiopia and all areas with major hydro dams and severe precipitation. The project includes three additional weather radars powered by solar panels and a lightning detection network. The project also includes a weather forecast production system and includes a significant component for training and maintenance. The supplementary air quality network in Addis Ababa is important to help create national policies and air quality regulations. The project aims to support in mitigating the effects of severe weather and climate change impacts. The project will benefit various economic and social sectors in Ethiopia, including agriculture. The estimated investment cost is 13 million Euros. It is proposed to be funded through the Piblic Sector Investment Facility (PIF).

Funding decision  09.03.2021

7 386 062 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Climate change - adaptation
  • Disaster risk reduction

Field of activity

  • Environmental research 15%
  • Research/scientific institutions 70%
  • Flood prevention/control 15%

Funding channel

  • Ministry of Finance
  • Kehitysmaan julkinen sektori
  • Suomen yksityinen sektori



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