UNICEF COVID-19 response in Tanzania
Development cooperation , 22.06.2020

UNICEF COVID-19 response in Tanzania


UNICEF COVID-19 project will support Tanzania in its figth against corona pandemic through strengthening country's capacity to respond, prevent and mitigate COVID-19 pandemic related morbidity and mortality, and social and economic disruption in Tanzania. The porject has four main objecitves : 1) Limit human- to -human transmission and protect individuals form exposure to COVID-19, 2) Minimize morbidity and mortality, 3) Prevent and address the secondary impact of the outbreak, 4) Enhance risk reduction and in-country preparedness. Finland's support ot UNICEF COVID-19 project will be 1 million euros during 2020.

Funding decision  22.06.2020

1 000 000 €

Target country


Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Gender equality
  • Reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health

Field of activity

  • Basic health care 70%
  • Infectious disease control 20%
  • Primary education 10%

Type of aid

Contributions to specific-purpose programmes and funds managed by international organisations (multilateral, INGO)

Special target group

  • girls
  • children
  • youth
  • people with disability
  • Persons living with HIV/AIDS

Funding channel

YK:n lastenrahasto



Code for the object of funding