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MOPAN (Multilateral Organisation Performan´ce Assessment Network) is a network of 19 countries who share a common interest in assessing the effectiveness of the major multilateral organisations that they fund. MOPAN generates, collects, analyses and presents relevant and credible information on the organisational and development effectiveness of multilateral organisations. This knowledge base is intended to contribute to organisational learning within and among multilateral organisations, their partners and other stakeholders. MOPAN members increasingly rely on MOPAN data to support their multilateral programming, governance and accountability needs. With the help of MOPAN assessments, multilateral donors may steer multilateral organisations, for instance in their governing bodies. MOPAN assessments are conducted according to the MOPAN 3.0 approach that is a rigorous, comprehensive and transparent methodology that seeks a holistic understanding of multilateral organisations' systems, policies and practices at the global, regional and country level. The organisations are assessed against five performance areas: strategic management, operational management, relationship management, performance management and results. For the next Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) 2020-22 members have agreed to increase the annual contribution to 198 000 EUR/member because of the high expectations e.g. for the quality of assessments require adequate resources. The members also agreed on a shorter duration of the MoU of three years. The recent positive developments of MOPAN has been enabled by the professionalism of its Secretariat and the hosting of the Secretariat at the OECD.

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594 000 €

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Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network



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