Development cooperation , 16.02.2017

Scars of the Cold War


”Scars of the Cold War” is an educational project related to developmental questions and influence of the Cold War in the global South today. The project is primarily aimed at high schools. In addition, three open events will be organized. Project is based on Lenin Museum which is renewed in summer 2016. The new museum exhibition offers exceptionally good opportunities to reflect critically the birth of communist movements and their influence in post-Cold War era. We will produce educational material and organize guided tours and workshops for 60 school classes. Themes for the educational activities are focused on birth of revolutionary movements, conflicts and socialist power systems in the so-called Third World. Students will have a guided tour about Cold War and theme will be deepened in smaller groups. Workshops will focus on Finland’s partner countries (Afganistan, Burma, Mozambique and Ethiopia), which have strong history of Soviet political influence during Cold War. In addition, we will focus on crisis countries of Syria, Libya and Ukraine which are important in the context of refugee crisis. Workshops will help to understand internal conflicts in these countries, bipolar world order, colonial history and socialist state systems in global South. From the perspective of present day, workshops will open up themes related to democracy processes, human rights issues and refugees. Historically, all selected countries have had considerable refugee waves and on-going problems in building democratic society and good governance. Project aims to foster school children’s understanding of political diversity in global South and birth of conflicts in the world. Workshops will help to understand relations between poverty, repressive structures and violence. The project encourages students to value democracy, human rights and to grow as cosmopolitans. A grant of 32 500 euro has been given to this one-year project by MoFA.


  • 2017: 32 500 €

Field of activity

  • Promotion of development awareness (non-sector allocable) 100%

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Työväen museoyhdistys ry



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