Development cooperation , 02.07.2015

Pro Ethical Trade Finland (PETF), Change your shoes EYD 2015- Starting point of the way to a ethical and sustainable shoe supply chain


Through the "Change your shoes"- action consumers become more aware that their lifestyle choices can instigate policy change, that will ultimately improve the working conditions and well-being of those further down the production chain in the shoe industry. The action will take place in 20 countries in Europe and 3 Asian countries. The use of chrome in leather tanning is a great problem in shoe manufacturing. Chrome is a highly toxic chemical that endangers the environment as well as tannery workers and European consumers. The campaign will raise consumer awareness of the dangers of chrome use in the shoe industry. The campaign will lobby Ecolabels and the EU Directorate-General for Health and Consumers for a ban on chrome use, to introduce mandatory labelling of shoes using chromium tanned leather. The project will also support best practices from European shoe brands and present best practice from EuropeAid projects. The voice of the shoe industry workers will be brought forth through workers' rights organisations. The ultimate goal is to improve the working conditions of the shoe industry workers, so that they get living wages and child-labour decreases.

Funding decision  02.07.2015

17 370 €

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  • Promotion of development awareness 100%

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Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry



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