Development cooperation ,12.12.2013

MYA/Support to the Myanmar Peace process - phase II


The peace process in Myanmar is evolving from ceasefire negotiations towards a political dialogue to address the underlying causes of the conflict. The emerging peace structures in Myanmar and the trust between the stakeholders are fragile and need nurturing, facilitation and technical support, which in turn can develop mutual understanding and trust-building essential for peace efforts. The overall objective of the project is to support and strengthen the peace process in Myanmar through technical support to and confidence building between the dialogue partners. The specific objectives are: a) To support the creation of conducive environment for inclusive and participatory political dialogue, b) To support the development, creation and implementation of joint mechanisms for monitoring of ceasefires, transitional and peace agreements, c) To provide shared and common spaces for the stakeholders for research, dialogue and meetings and to provide technical support for the implementation of the political dialogue framework, d) To develop shared knowledge resources on key issues on the political dialogue agenda to support knowledge based dialogue and decision making. The direct beneficiaries of the project are the Parliament’s peace committee, ethnic armed groups, the government representatives engaged in the peace process and civil society organisations. Indirectly the project will benefit the people of Myanmar through more inclusive and knowledge based negotiations that would help to address the concerns of ordinary people.

Funding decision  12.12.2013

3 000 000 €

Objectives monitored by OECD's Development Assistance Committee

  • Participatory development/Good governance
  • Gender equality

Field of activity

  • Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution 50%
  • Post-conflict peace-building (UN) 50%

Funding channel

  • Associates to Develop Democratic Burma/Euro-Burma Office
  • Suomen Lähetysseura ry
  • Common Space Initiative



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