Development cooperation ,10.02.2015

Impact of development cooperation; background studies and an international seminar


In its statement no 9/2014 vp of 17 June 2014 on the Government report on the impact and coherence of development policy, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament required the Government to have an independent assessment of the impact of development cooperation in the present form. The Parliament also calls for an account by the Govenment to "review both the reforming of conventional development cooperation and alternatives for supporting development countries and poverty reduction". The Ministry for Foreign Affairs responds to the assessment request by the Parliament through a threefold process in the spring / early summer of 2015. The intervention aims at promoting development awareness among Finnish political decision-makers and the public and at having an impact on the definition of Finnish development policy in the account to be given to the Parliament by the forthcoming Government. In the long run, the intervention will improve the impact of Finnish development cooperation. The process consists of the following components: - an independent reviewer's assessment of Finnish development cooperation; - utilization of international research information on the impact of development cooperation; - a high-level international seminar organized by the MFA on the impact of development cooperation. Administratively the intervention is part of the MFA's planning and supporting functions related to development cooperation.

Funding decision  10.02.2015

100 000 €

Field of activity

  • Administrative costs 50%
  • Promotion of development awareness 50%



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