Development cooperation , 13.11.2013

Partnership agreement/Operation a Day's Work


Operation a Days’ Work (ODW) is applying for a partner organization status from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as well as for program support for the period 2014-2016. ODW is an organization based on the co-operation of 11 Finnish organizations that support the implementation of ODW’s development co-operation, development communication and global education in Finland. ODW’s first development program has three main areas of focus: development cooperation projects, communication and global education, and the development of the program. In development co-operation activities, ODW’s aim is to support young people’s opportunities to manage their lives and develop their communities. The organizations work is founded on a rights-based approach, supporting the promotion of child and youth rights and the participation of youth within their communities. The program aims to strengthen youth-driven activities, participation and awareness and knowledge of the rights and obligations of youth. Collaborating partner organizations in the developing world are ODW's program partners. The programs project themes are: supporting vocational training and school attendance (Sierra Leone, Mozambique), preventive youth work (Bolivia), prevention of child labor (Cambodia), youth participation in municipal decision-making (Guatemala) and street children (Kenya and Zambia). Program beneficiaries are the children and youth within the projects in the partner countries. Also duty bearers such as parents, teachers and other community members are included in the projects in order to receive support from them in promoting the role and rights of youth within their communities. Beneficiaries of program activities concerning communication and global education are Finnish students, particularly youth in secondary schools.

Funding decision  13.11.2013

2 124 124 €

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