Development cooperation ,10.03.2016

World Vision Finland, humanitarian assistance


The Uganda operation will be implemented in two settlements: Rhino and Lobule. Operation aims to further strengthen and scale up water and sanitation coverage, improve inclusive access to safe water resources, to increase equitable access to sanitation facilities and promote good hygiene practices and improved institutional capacity for the delivery of quality WASH and inclusion. The total number of beneficiaries is in Rhino 21 066 of whom disabled 765 and in Lobule 3 102 of whom disabled 185. An other World Vision Finland operation will be implemented in Iraq Kirkuk region. The aim of the operation is to repair boreholes and work includes installation of emergency latrines and showers, ramps, support beams, locks and lighting, wind and rain proofing and latrine seats. Activities will be implemented together with a local community of disabled. The total number of beneficiaries is over 16 000. Both operations will apply the social model of disabilities.

Funding decision  10.03.2016

778 673 €

Field of activity

  • Material relief assistance and services 100%

Funding channel

Suomen World Vision



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