Development cooperation , 13.11.2013

Partnership agreement/Crisis Management Initiative


Peace and security are integral to sustainable development, especially in weak and fragile states. The recent Post-2015 UN Development Agenda process suggests that the three main components of development - economic, social and environmental development - along with goals related to peace and security are mutually reinforcing. The proper integration of the different components requires the mainstreaming of a human rights based approach within all of these four pillars. The CMI programme makes a contribution to sustainable development by preventing and resolving violent conflicts in four regions: Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia; the Middle East; North Africa and Sahel; and Sub-Saharan Africa. The work is carried out in three sub-programmes: i) Mediation and Dialogue, in order to enhance the prospects for existing and potential peace processes, support their effectiveness and ensure the sustainability of their results, ii) Mediation support, in order to enable states, multinational organisations and key individuals to be better equipped to undertake and support mediation endeavours and iii) Support to states and societies in conflict prevention and resolution, in order to foster participatory design and implementation of policies and practices relevant for conflict prevention and resolution in fragile contexts. The programme supports the effective design and implementation of peace and transition processes in all of their phases. Specific emphasis is placed on women’s participation and the role of gender-sensitivity in these processes. The impact is based on CMI’s complementary role as a Finnish, independent NGO, who can conduct unofficial mediation and dialogue processes to complement official efforts. Specifically, the added value of the programme is in providing unofficial spaces for confidence-building among conflict parties and people affected by conflict; providing alternative inclusion strategies for peace and transition processes; providing consensual recommendations for alternative options for peace processes; and providing professional support for other third-party mediators and national actors on mediation, dialogue and participation.

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13 200 000 €

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Crisis Management Initiative ry



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